Electrician Escape

6-09-2021, 20:30 New Games Escape Games
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Electrician Escape
This is another free online game released by Palani Games.
The electrician lived in a beautiful little village. He is a very honest person and also a big blockhead and a slob. He goes to work at his job every day. At his job, an electrician eats and drinks electricity and then buries it in the ground so that it does not get to other people. Therefore, if you have little electricity, it means that an electrician ate it. One day, an electrician ate too much electricity, could not get up from the table and got stuck in his house. Suddenly, the main door of the house jammed. You need a tool to open the door. If the electrician is in a good mood today, he will help you find all the clues that are hidden in the neighborhood of the house. Find all the hidden objects and clues and solve puzzles to save the electrician locked in the house. And this will mean that you have managed to win this difficult game. If you save an electrician, demand that he give you all the electricity! Good luck and have fun!

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