How you can play flash games


If Flash Player does not work.
This page will tell you how to run it so that you can play flash games.
This is not our recommendation. This is an opportunity to play games, watch old favorite cartoons, etc.
And whether to use it is up to you.


Solution 1 - if this plugin has not yet been removed from your computer.
Just set the date to 2020 and flash games will work again!
So far, this trick works in browsers that still support flash.

Pay attention!
1. Windows 10 itself synchronizes the time and for example in Home version this function cannot be disabled. You'll have to set the date every time.
2. If you have any programs or documents that depend on the date, then setting a new date on the computer can disrupt their work.

Windows 10:
Start Button - Scroll down to Windows System - Control Panel - Clock and Region - Setting Time and Date


Solution 2 - uninstall and install.

1. Go to the Control Panel (Apps & Features) and uninstall the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player, something like this: - NPAPI and PPAPI.
2. Restart the computer.
3. Download the version without the time bomb: Adobe Flash Player

4. Install (and disable checking for updates)
Flash Player 32_0 r0_363_win - for Firefox
Flash Player 32_0 r0_363_winpep - for Opera and Chrome
The archive also contains versions for Linux and Apple.

5. Flash Player works again, you can play flash games.
But each time the player will warn you that the version is old and vulnerable.

If you have the latest browser that blocks Flash Player.
Let's go here:
All versions of Firefox are here.
And download version 78esr.
Don't forget to disable auto-update after installation!
ESR - version of the browser with an extended support period.


Solution 3 - Chinese browser Cent has an old version of Flash Player (371) without the time bomb.
The browser is based on Chrome. You can run the portable version and not install the browser on your PC.


There are too many flash games to forget about these games.
But you will have to choose personally - you need a flash or not.
And if you install an old version of Flash Player, then it is better not to go to unverified sites, because the developer says that the old versions are not safe.

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